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Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a piece of hardware (i.e. the server) that is dedicated solely to you. In other words, none of the space or resources are shared with other customers. Benefits of a dedicated server include: Greater security - the server is used only by you, which minimises the threat of hacking More control - you know exactly how the server and its resources are being used.


As we said at the outset, a basic CDN is likely to cost less than an entry level dedicated server. The more traffic your site gets, the more likely it is that the balance will be tipped in favour of the dedicated server becoming the more economical option.


In theory, a CDN offers 100 per cent availability because it will use multiple networks to serve your content. Depending on the nature and configuration of these networks, performance could be affected. With a dedicated server, the entire resource is geared towards serving your website. As long as the right piece of kit is selected and managed well by your host, performance should not be an issue.


The reliability of CDNs varies considerably between different providers. Choose wisely and you shouldn’t have a problem. With a dedicated server, as mentioned above, everything should be built and designed to match your requirements by your web host. Choose a web host that promises 99.9% availability to ensure a reliable service.

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